Key ring / Kate cat key ring couple key chain / kitten key ring / cat key ring


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* Size: height 55mm length 65mm

 * Style: five models are white cat MM black cat GG small yellow cat small cat black and white cat

 * The cat's neck can be turned! Super super cute! Dear, are you a pet control? Do you like comet people? Do you like cute little pendants? Then take the mouse and take action to buy it! 

 * High-end atmosphere, the next time, the next five cats, the choice of the cat 

 *so cute! Round face, curious big eyes seem to speak! The slightly raised head is looking at you naughty! I am reluctant to let go. Let your key have an ‘administrator’ from now on! Even as a pendant for a bag is quite eye-catching! 

 * The head of the skull can be rotated 360 degrees freely! If you like it, take it home.

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